WSJ Europe E-Commerce CRO

User journey research, Conversion Rate Optimization techniques and a/b testing were used to improve the WSJ subscription levels in EMEA. I managed and designed the wireframe to illustrate the changes and required testing elements for designers.


A/B TestingThe brief

The Wall Street Journal eCommerce website in EMEA was out-of-date, non-mobile friendly and performing poorly at converting the visitors especially on mobile/tablet.

To aim was to increase the level of subscriptions from the existing commerce site traffic by delivering a more engaging experience throughout the multi-device commerce journey, using conversion rate optimization principles.

The results

  • Improved user experience resulting in an all round 9% increase in conversions.
  • Mobile and tablet specific conversions increased by over 25%.
  • This paved the way for mobile specific subscription campaigns for WSJ in EMEA.

The journey

Below is the process for the Conversion Rate Optimization campaign that I created to follow a structured and clear plan of action.


The wireframe

Here you can see the interactive wireframes that I build to illustrate the new layout, UX, content and optimization for the designers and coders to follow.

WSJ eCommerce

Before and after

Below you can see the old and new eCommerce website designs. As you can see the overall design has been brought up to date, the user experience improved with a modern graphical feel and a fully mobile responsive framework installed to always look perfect across all devices.