RTD E-Commerce Search Marketing

A search marketing project to improve visibility on Google and provide highly relevant and conversion-likely web traffic.


rtd-logoThe brief

RTD are a premium provider of kitchens & kitchen appliances with a suite of showrooms and they wanted to break into the eCommerce marketplace to compete with national brands such as B&Q, Wicks and Magnet.

The brief was to drive traffic through search marketing and to provide consultation on the E-Commerce platform and user experience to make the landing pages work for search and the user to drive conversions.

The results

  • Conversions increased by over 67% within 6 months.
  • A combined ROI of over £250,000 from additional sales and PPC ad cost savings.
  • An increase in organic traffic of over 227% within 6 months.
  • Adwords quality score average for all campaigns increased from 3 to 7.

Initial optimisation

– Indexation: Analysis of current indexation and pages not picked up by search engines.
– Website Structure: Analysis and editing of the website structure for maximum indexation and removal of duplicated material.
– Keyword & Competition Research: To find the profit lead keywords and analyse the search competition.
– Landing Page SEO: Check and creating dedicated landing pages for the targeted priority keywords.
– Page Structure: Checking the page structure is optimised for search engines and maximum conversion potential.
– Priority Content SEO: Content optimisation on priority product pages.
– Rich Search Results: Management of content being indexed by Google – making adjustments as needed, e.g. Rich Snippets.
– Analytics Analysis: Full review and analysis of Google Analytics to overview the site situation and flag any issues.

Ongoing optimisation

– Link Generation: Link generation from related websites to key category pages for increasing related keyword rankings.
– Content Optimisation: Ongoing content optimisation of key pages to target all priority search terms.
– Content building: Content building and tweaking to help increase chances of being ranked highly.
– Regular reporting: Reporting and regular reviews to ensure the client is reaching the set goals and targets.

Below is an example wireframe that I created to illustrate the redeveloped landing pages that were highly optimised for relevance to high volume keywords whilst remaining true to the customer. Filters became links to real landing pages and this helped in a new indexation system that increased the website landing pages to include all the well searched product keywords.

New RTD Wireframe