MyWSJ & MyBarron’s

Engagement of WSJ & Barron's customers through a new digital experience to improve retention.


MyWSJ Site

mywsj-mobileThe brief

Due to technology lag there was a limitation of not being able to communicate with customers for 2 days after they had ordered a subscription. My idea, strategy and execution was for the Engagement Portal with the core aim to immediately show the value of membership and overall improve the retention rates of members for increased net growth.

  • Improve the overall customer satisfaction through increased product usage, benefits uptake and comms opt-ins.
  • Drive adoption of the core products including onsite, apps, newsletters, social profiles, WSJ+ and video.
  • Evolve as technology and data allow, with plans to extend into personalised and tracked activation flows.
  • Lead the creative, branding and user experience for the new responsive website template.

The results

An immediate activation of WSJ & Barron’s products from new customers:

  • App download increase of 36% for mobile web users.
  • WSJ+ increase in new member signups by 28%.
  • Editorial newsletters/alerts increase in signups by 18%.