Flexioffices CRO

After bringing Conversion Rate Optimization to Delete Agency as a product offering a project was undertaken to improve conversions for Flexioffices and overall profits from online collateral.


flexiofficesThe brief

Flexioffices wanted to compete with office lettings giants such as Regus and Office Broker. Sales were down and although visibility on search engines was being addressed via a separate project we found that users who did visit were not converting.

Bounce rates were high, time-on-site short and conversions via the online portal were low.  I was asked to undertake a CRO project to try and turn the website into a revenue generating channel for the business.

The results

  • 411% increase in organic conversions.
  • 28% increase in ROI profits.
  • Within 1 year of the CRO campaign in combination with the SEO campaign the sales team at Flexioffices had doubled to deal with the additional orders (in the height of the recession).

Flexioffices Website

The project

  • I identified the biggest problems to get the client a fast return on investment.
  • An analytical and a/b testing approach was taken to remove the guesswork.
  • Video analytics, heatmaps and advanced analytics were all utilised.
  • The key was to get under customers’ skin via user testing and direct feedback.

Conversion optimisation techniques were undertaken to increase conversions from existing and new traffic. This involved video tracking and form drop-off rate analysis, which led us to make large user experience improvements with call-to-action amends and on-page forms.

Since website engagement has been proven to help rankings, I put content on priority pages under tabs and provided clear links to further information. Enticing copy and designs were made to increase user trust and activity.

Client testimonial

“Our enquires have really ramped up over the last few months- I guess in % probably about 25%- 30% which is doing wonders for business – from looking at analytics I can attribute this entirely to the SEO work that fuse8 has been doing. We have had to grow the sales force and now need new offices – a very nice problem to have.”

Paul Slinn, Managing Director for Flexioffices