Dow Jones PPC Landing Pages

Design & build of a set of PPC landing pages to create a highly relevant and flexible resource to maximize the conversion potential of Factiva and Risk & Compliance advertising campaigns.


Risk & Compliance

The brief

Dow Jones were using the default product pages for its PPC landing pages for 2 of its core products – Factiva and Risk & Compliance. These were not formatted for the target audience and were performing very poorly in search. I was asked to:

  • Design & build a set of landing pages for an ad campaign for the Dow Jones corporate suite of products.
  • Optimise the pages to be highly relevant to search engine search terms in ppc ads.
  • Integrate with the company sales systems, data analytics and tag management.
  • Create a system where pages could be created quickly on-request and would not effect organic search listings.

The project

I undertook the project to create tailored landing pages that would differ per ad-group targeting, give high quality scores (in conjunction with ad optimisation) and also would increase the likelihood of conversion through data capture.

I project managed the build, user experience and then the ad account setup to create a global campaign that targeted the B2B audience and drove data capture for post-campaign marketing through email and retargeting techniques.

Data capture was key and the forms were integrated with Salesforce for sales managers to be able to react quickly to inbound leads. The website was built responsively so that we could target all user devices and also with the pages being de-indexed from search engines we could create as many variations of the landing pages as needed in order to always have exact match keyword layouts and high quality scores.

Dow Jones PPC