Corporate Wall Street Journal Project

I worked with subscription sales team in each office globally to understand the needs of each region. The user journey and path to conversion was mapped out and I created wireframes to illustrate the UX, content and SEO requirements for the global audience.


The brief

A global project to have an online platform to target corporate opportunities for WSJ subscriptions. This website was designed to have a landing page for each core region and geo-targeting technology to direct the user to the correct area.

Below you can see the responsive and interactive wireframe I created that illustrated the layout, content and build requirements.

WSJ Corporate Website Wireframe

The project

– A global project to bring the subscription sales teams together (AMER, EMEA, APAC)
– User journey and customer engagement understanding through data analytics and audience profiling
– Wireframing of the website to influence the creative design and show the structure, layout, content and optimization requirements
– Tag management and data analytics setup for reporting and adding marketing pixels

Below is the design that was created from the brief and interactive wireframe.

WSJ Corporate Website Design