Claranet Search Marketing

Claranet had a completely new landing page system introduced to improve the user experience, increase search rankings & Adwords quality scores and overall increase onsite conversions.


Claranet Steve DaviesThe brief

Claranet are a full-service server hosting company who wanted to become much more visible on search engines to compete with heavyweights such as RackSpace and Microsoft.

The task was to undertake an optimisation campaign to increase relevant and quality traffic from organic and paid search. This would involve optimising the existing website as well as developing landing pages that would give a great user experience and lead to increased online conversions and overall sales.

The results

  • Increase in page 1 rankings of over 35 high volume keywords.
  • 36% increase in overall website traffic.
  • Reduction in monthly PPC costs.

The project

New Claranet Landing Wireframe

The Claranet project entailed redeveloping the website architecture, page layout and landing page keyword targeting.

Previously the website structure had been focused on internal company business departments, rather than what the user was searching for and expecting – a common issue facing technology-based businesses.

The research showed that the customer base was searching for industry standard terminology and that a large amount of visibility on search engines was based around this. Re-focusing the website structure and landing pages to match these themes meant that the keyword relevance increased dramatically.

The new wireframe led the design and the search engine rankings increased for high-volume keywords and the PPC campaigns were reduced in cost due to the higher quality scores.

A full SEO campaign was also undertaken that entailed the following:

– Indexation: Analysis of current indexation and pages not picked up by search engines.
– Website Structure: Analysis and editing of the website structure for maximum indexation and removal of duplicated material.
– Keyword & Competition Research: To find the profit lead keywords and analyse the search competition.
– Landing Page SEO: Check and creating dedicated landing pages for the targeted priority keywords.
– Page Structure: Checking the page structure is optimised for search engines and maximum conversion potential.
– Priority Content SEO: Content optimisation on priority product pages.
– Content Optimisation: Ongoing content optimisation of key pages to target all priority search terms.

PPC optimisation involved the following elements:

– Landing Pages for PPC: Dedicated landing pages for the targeted priority keywords for PPC.
– Ad optimisation: Ads were fully optimised for each landing page and set of keywords per adgroup.
– Location optimisation: Targeting specific campaigns to local areas throughout the UK to maximise relevancy.
– Ad extension additions: Adding useful and optimised ad extensions to each campaign.
– Reviews: Adding trusted reviews to entice the relevant users into clicking the adverts and starting the conversion process.
– Addressing the long-tail: Maximising on all keyword search terms to create highly relevant ads with top quality scores.

Claranet New Landing Pages