Be Fuel Cards Conversion Project

Conversion Rate Optimisation to increase overall sales, profits and data capture through intelligent a/b testing techniques.


BE Fuelcards CROThe brief

Be Fuelcards had a modern website that was created by fuse8 with html5 and jquery to give a great user experience. The issue they had was that the conversions where lower than the old website design and the client wanted to increase sales.

Due to this I proposed to undertake conversion optimisation techniques on the homepage and conversion path in order to better the user experience, increase conversions and overall client profits.

The results

  • 298% increase in conversions
  • Increasing profits for the client from simply changing page elements through intelligent testing.

AB Testing BeFuelCards

The project

The first stage involved understanding the user journey and what they were actually doing on the current site, i.e. scrolling, clicks, mouse hover areas, form drop-off fields, etc.

Next I analysed this data and used it to create new design features and conversion paths that would shorten the user journey and make call to actions more enticing to the viewer.

Multivariate testing was then undertaken on the home page core design, call-to-actions and form fields to test the designs over a 3 month period.

BE Fuelcards CRO